View of a Foetus in the Womb Jpg


View of a Foetus in the Womb Jpg was one page of Leonardo da Vinci’s notes. Leonardo da Vinci was a great Italian artist. He was known as a universal genius. His journals and notes were Leonardo’s studies in science and engineering which were as impressive and innovative as his artistic work. These studies recorded in 13000 pages of notes and drawings, including fuse art and natural philosophy which was the forerunner of modern science. And these studies made throughout his whole life and journey as he made continual observations of the world aroud him. This painting depicted Leonardo’s view of a foetus in the womb. There in this page, were four different forms of foetus and a brief descriptive womb at the bottom of the note. The details and drapery, the studies of faces and emotions, of babies were shown in this page of notes. According to today’s view, Leonardo da Vinci’s studies in foetus were right.


Among the pictures of the four different forms of foetus were some explaining of this view. In many other cases, a single topic like the human foetus was covered in detail in both words and pictures on a single sheet. That was exactly Leonardo’s mirror-image cursive handwriting which may be because Leonardo wrote with his left hand. And it was more easier for him to write from right to left with the pen used at that time.



Last but not least, we can find out that Leonardo’s range of interests and preoccupations from his notes and paintings, this page was exactly telling us his excellent achievements in foetus. But we still not known why his notes were not published with Leonardo’s lifetime. 

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    is a good part of huge story. <a href="">cheezburger</a>

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    Have a great trip Jules! I can’t wait to see what looks to put together.

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    This takes you through conception to birth. Very imformative and descriptive

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    Thanks "Leonardo da Vinci" for the great piece of writing and art too. Really helpful.