Known by Great Drawing Skills, An Orangutan from American was Regarded as Another Van Gogh

International Online: According to a report on April 2nd of British Daily Mail, Rudi Valentino, an 36 years old orangutan from American Houston Zoo, has become famous for being good at painting recently.



Rudi has been painting for ten years. She creates her paintings in many places, from stockades to canvas. She creates her paintings on from stockades to canvas. As for her, any place is her paradise for painting.


Owning long hair, Rudi has been regarded as another Van Gogh among orangutan due to her perfect painting works, which has attracted a lot of tourists.


Tammy Buhrmester, who is Rudi’s nursing administrator, introduced that Rudi was so cautious about creating her works that she never paints without thinking seriously. And she was particular about her own works. Tammy also indicated that Rudi has a sense of art and has great gift in painting. She likes pink best.


As it is reported, Rudi is very crazy about painting. When she stops painting, she would spend several hours to design her nest work. At the beginning, she paints by using her figures, and then by using painting brushes. For sake of her healthy, the Zoo has prepared nontoxic acrylic paints for Rudi.


Rudi is at a calm mental state. Although she is often visited by onlookers, she can finish her whole work with unruffled.



On April 10th, there is going to be an art exhibition of Mutual Assistance between Orangutans held by Houston Zoo. And some of Rudi’s will be on auction. It is said that the art exhibition by far has financed over 200,000 dollars (1,240,000 RMB or so) for wild animals like orangutans since 2004.

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