The Ancestor of Future Cubism and Abstract

Two Tahitian Women
Two Tahitian Women

Vincent Van Gogh sought the expressive power of lines and colors as well as the decorative effect of the pictures, which directly inspired fauvism and expressionism. The new painting for sale style of Van Gogh could be considered as impressionism and new impressionism. The combination of Japanese Ukiyoe prints with his personal qualities was the result of eastern and western paintings. A prominent character in Van Gogh's paintings was to strongly express his won personality. Someone said, his paintings were all his self portraits.


Gauguin advocated not to face the real objects, but to paint by virtue of memories. He also supported for integrated and symbolic aesthetics principles. He focused more on the originality and symbolism of art reproduction performance which exerted an important effect on symbolism and surrealism. Post-impressionism completely abandoned the naturalistic attitude, shook the root of imitation-function in western paintings, and brought paintings to a fresher subjective world permeated with strong feelings, which provided a useful paradigm for western modern art forms in the 20th century.


In later posts, we will talk about Henri Matisse reproduction.

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