Peasant Women in The Gleaners

The Gleaners
The Gleaners

This Millet painting shows the sympathy to the farmers and their tough life, it also expresses his love of the countryside.


From the behavior of the three women, we can see they are different in angles but have interlink, just like a gradually diagram of picking up the ears of wheat. The woman in red headscarf is picking quickly with another hand holding a large bunch of ears of wheat in her bag. She has already done this for a long while, since her bag bulges. The woman in blue headscarf is exhausted by bending up and down repeatedly; she put her left hand against her back to support her body.


The woman in the right of the picture holding a bunch of wheat looks over the field that they have already done picking to see if there is any ear of wheat left. Millet always uses a cross composition in his picture to make the monument-like characteristics appear on the open field. Although the long-time bending-over has made them exhausted, they are still persisting in picking up the ears of wheat. Although their faces have been hidden, their movements and postures are full of expressions-tolerance, humbleness and loyalty.


All the painting subjects are really harmonious and the gentle hue is full of various colors, which shows a tempting country view in front of the audience. 


In later posts, let's talk about Ivan Aivazovsky.

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