Painting the Dark Society in Russia

The Unequal Marriage
The Unequal Marriage

The Unequal Marriage depicts a wedding ceremony famous painting reproductions scene of an old man and a young girl. The girl in the white wedding dress is highlighted compared to the rest of dim part. She is quite young and pretty, but no happiness can be seen on her face. She bows her head and her eyes look red as if she has been crying for all night the day before. Her left hand holding a candle is hanging listlessly. It should have been the happiest moment in her life, for every girl dreams to be the most beautiful bride. But she seems so unhappy, sad and numb, because she is going to marry an elderly painting reproductions china, high-ranking official who would almost be her grandfather. The bridegroom stands beside her, baldheaded with thin white hair.


Around the groom are his relatives with fateful faces who have the same status. Obviously, she hates this marriage, but she has no choice and she can’t escape from her fate in the corruption of bureaucracy society, and she reaches out her right hand to accept the ring from the priest.

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