Legend "Metamorphosis" in Diego Velazquez Painting

The Fable Of Arachne Or The Spinners 1656
The Fable Of Arachne Or The Spinners 1656

In this painting reproductions layout, the figures were arranged symmetrically. The prospect figures were in the darkness, but the background was bright, forming the sharp contrast. Figures in the darkness were highlighted by the condensing light to form the different visual hierarchy. A beam of light casted on the female worker on the right who was dressed in white skirt and dark blue dress, who was the most perfect figure in European paintings.


The painter carefully depicted her working scene. Through the tight white skirt and naked neck, she showed the female plump, vigorous and energetic beauty. The soft curve changes in her cheek and neck as well as the line depiction of her plump body made the female shape with great artistic charm and embodied the aesthetic concept of the painter mythological paintings. Other figures had become the foil of the protagonist. Through the arch in the middle, there was another bright world: a group of ladies were enjoying the tapestry. These ladies were not only the real noble ladies in the court, but also contained various meanings: they represented the painting, sculpture, architecture and the art of music. 

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