A Painting of a Religious Subject by Masaccio

The Tribute Money 1425
The Tribute Money 1425

In those with linear perspective of buildings and the natural environment, people were placed in their respective positions, like real life scenes in this sell paintings online. Here in no way that emphasized the International Gothic painting decorative arrangements, the pursuit of beautiful lines and color of the shadow. The full body may be a little clumsy, but very real. Linear modeling rhythm strengthened the monumental fresco. Real and momentum were Masaccio arts characteristics.


The religious painting in serial form depicted three plots: stopping, catching fish and delivery of tax. This religious story was completely portrayed as true secular scenes by the painter, reflecting the Roman publicans collected tax to the Jesus. The painting made the Christ and his ground in the center and comprehensive perspective focused on Christ’s head. The light and the church window were in the same direction, constituting a hitherto unknown in realistic effect. The people in the painting were the ordinary people at that time. For more please visit www.artisoo.com

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