Portrait of Paul Cezanne's Wife

To appreciate the portraits by Cezanne, first you must lose the general concept of the portrait. Portrait is usually considered to accord with our pleasure or convey the character content in a very long time at least before Cezanne. Figures looks and life are what portraits should tell us. Of course, in the actual oil paintings, the artist will concentrate on according to the factors of their personality, social custom and the will of the leading character.


Some artists try to reproduce the model's appearance, some prefer to show the character and mental state of the model. In the depiction of portraits of nobility and rulers, we must emphasize their social status and authority. Also we must penetrate some stories etc. Therefore, the first thing that the painter must consider is of course the portrait composition, decorative and props, scenes, and background modeling. However, this portrait in front of us seems not to tell us anything about the model. What we can know is what is seen in the portrait painting. Mrs. Cezanne is dressed in blue and purple clothes, sitting in a chair. Her posture is extremely common and expression is also very stiff without any vigor. Even Mrs. Cezanne's face is not very clear, because Mrs. Cezanne's faces several other portraits are different. For more please visit www.artisoo.com

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