Mystery Life of Giorgione

The Sleeping Venus
The Sleeping Venus

Giorgione was born near the Venice and enjoyed his life living in Venice later Venice, as we all know, is a beautiful city suspended on the waters. The sea, the city and the sky make up amazing scenery. It is a picture surrounded by the reflexes of the light and the colors. Many painters would like to stay there to get some inspiration for their creations. They are what the so called Venetian painting. The three basic elements of Venetian painting are light, color and space. And the light and color seem to be much more important. The role they play in Venetian painting is just like the line in Florentine painting.


As one of the typical Venetian painters, Giorgione used the light and color to create a chromatic brightness. The themes of Giorgione's oil paintings reproductions included laic themes and religious themes. In his paintings, he expressed a more human and pantheistic meaning, which made him gain the fame as the first modern painter. For more please visit

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