Figure Virgin in Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings

The Virgin Of The Rocks
The Virgin Of The Rocks

We should also pay attention to the background depiction: Leonardo da Vinci painting is not only an excellent landscape painter, and more importantly he pays great attention to the rock structure within the cavities.


The inside stalactites, for the scientific researchers in the Renaissance era, is a subject explored by the geology. Here it further reflects the broad interest of da Vinci of the knowledge of geological formations. In the 15th century, in all the Italy murals, general characters were always placed in front of the landscape, rather than in the landscape.


Da Vinci for the first time placed figures in the center of a certain landscape, which made the experience of figures and the dark ancient cave into a whole. It was an original innovation in the pursuit of typical environment and character in the conception. In tone, the whole painting took brown as the key note and the dark green of the virgin and the purple of angel's cloak made a contrast to the gold and silver. The skin of Jesus and John formed a contrast with the golden hair of John. The dark cave enabled da Vinci to play the shading contrast rule into full play. For more please visit


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