Famous Figures Paintings by Renoir

The Dancer 1874
The Dancer 1874

The painting Dancer depicts a young ballet dancer, standing sideways. She is wearing a while ballerina dress and a pair of typical ballet shoes. Although her body is not facing the front, she is staring somberly ahead. We have no clue what she is thinking about. Standing very straight, like a tree trunk, she puts her right hand on the blue waistband while her left hand falls down loosely. It is a classical pose of a ballerina. In Renoir painting deception, this ballet dancer is quiet and elegant. We can guess her temperament from the clothes she is wearing, her standing posture and her facial expression. Especially, her lips tighten and her eyes are calm and determined which distinguishes her from other common women.


In general, ballet dancers are always painted in a background of a stage or a dance studio. However, the ballerina in this paintings for sale is not set in any backgrounds mentioned above. Instead, she is standing in yellowish-green, tightly surrounded by the color of nature. For more please visit www.artisoo.com

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