Leonardo Da Vinci Valuable Painting to the Public

The Virgin and Child with St Anne c. 1510
The Virgin and Child with St Anne c. 1510

The repair for this painting reproduction has lasted for 18 months, but there is still strong controversy concerning the repair. 17 years ago, Le Louvre gave up trying to clean the paintings sale, because of fears that the cleaning process would influence the Da Vinci's brush and painting skills.


But in 2009, this idea was approved by the Advisory Committee of Le Louvre museum. However, during the cleaning, two top French artists Jean Pierre Cuzin and Segolene Bergeon Langle resigned. In their resignation reports, they said they became very angry because excessive cleaning made works over bright which were avoided in all the Da Vinci paintings reproduction. Bergeon Langle showed that she felt unpleasant to the repair. The most unbearable was that in Jesus's body, a white paint was removed, but she thought it was painted by Da Vinci.


In this matter, Le Louvre museum only confirmed their resignation, but said no further details could be revealed.

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