The Angelus by Jean Francois Millet

The Angelus 1859
The Angelus 1859

The first time that I saw Millet paintings was in the course slide of an art teacher. The famous painting The Angelus depicted a pair of men and women who worked in the farmland with a single wheel car around.


When the bells in the distant church rang, then they put down the farm implements and bowed their heads to pray. At that time, I even did not know who Millet was. My first intuition told me that this painter was surely a poet. The dense, harmonious and lofty picture was more easily to be touched by people than the religious painting. These two simple farmers stood in a vast farmland like two immoral Greek cylinders. In this moving moment, their looks were so concentrated and religious that the viewers could hear the melodious bells.


I remembered this great painter. Later I gradually knew most of his paintings were concerned with ordinary farmers, which could be proved by the names of his works, such as "The Sower", "The Lunch of the Harvester", "The Gleaners", "Lifting up the calf". After I saw his brochures, I found the impression from "Evening Bell" was totally embodied in these paintings. For more please visit

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