Romanticism the Opposite to the Classicism.

The Lady of Shalott
The Lady of Shalott

The romanticism art sale in literature and arts is to emphasize the feature of illusion originally. But the first painting reproduction from French romanticism in the first 19th century is using the most naturalistic skill to express the most urgent realistic theme. It explains that a new thought and school always appear followed by the need of reality. It always plant in the real life if it can stand.


Enthusiasm is the element of romanticism arts. It can be the content for the romanticism with the theme of current affairs. Firstly, the passion prevailed in the painting which obeys the old ways. The composition of the picture, light, color, the dynamic and expression for the people all express the rich imagination for the artists. But the most precious thing is that romantic imagination is built at the deep awareness of the reality. What its wildness and passion is to connect with our positive ideal of life together. So it can be deep into people's heart and have a strong art power.

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