Realistic Landscape Painting by Isaac Levitan

The Vladimir S Road 1892
The Vladimir S Road 1892

In this landscape painting sale, the visual horizon which was pressed very low made the painting extensive and far-reaching. The distance was overshadowed by the dark clouds and the deserted signpost, desolate wilderness and tombstone increased the desolate atmosphere in this painting reproduction.


It told people in a very vivid way that this was a road full of misery, blood and tears. In this very simple artistic image, Levitan painting sale gave the boundless sympathy for the suffering of the Russian revolutionaries. The Vladimir S Road showed the clouded sky, the barren and desolate field. In the sky and on the field, a lonely road with loess and tracks was horribly extended to the unknown distant place. In fact, this was a famous sad Road which was the only way of the exiles and convicts in the Czarist period to Siberia.

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