The Scenes of Life in Manet Paintings

Corner of a Cafe-Concert
Corner of a Cafe-Concert

The best buy painting suffered the same fate as well, the trilateral sides had been cut and only the right side was remained. In order to show the overcrowded, smoggy and noisy scene of the cafe dance hall, he painted the objects as close as possible. They were five mainly types of people who represented all the social classes merging frequently in the place: a waitress, a worker with blue jacket, a bourgeois who was seen wearing a top hat and a woman and a female singer. Their faces were all been cut partially deliberately with the purpose of giving people a impression that this was a glimpse of nature or fast micrograph of arbitrary truncation space.


Except the waitress was watching on the audience, the eyes of the others turned to the translucent silhouette of the singer appeared on the stage. Manet arranged the screen space through the eyes of the people in the painting reproduction to make opposite contacts between the foreground and background. All the figures seemed flatten in the buy Manet painting, only the face of the waitress, beer cups, pipes, black hat, and the branches pendent lamp were visible clearly in the hazy painting.


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