Scenes from the Massacre of Chios by Eugene Delacroix

Scenes from the Massacre of Chios
Scenes from the Massacre of Chios

Scenes From The Massacre Of Chios and The Raft of the Medusa, the history paintings buy were based on a true historical event. In 1822, the Turks occupied Chios island which belonged to Greece and plundered the whole island.


The invaders made one's hair stand on end atrocities aroused great indignation throughout Europe progressive people who had accused Turkey of the aggressors in this Eugene Delacroix painting sale. The great English Romantic poet Byron directly joined the fighting of the Greek people and sacrificed his young life. Facing the Turkey invaders committed great sin, Delacroix was filled with righteous indignation and had drawn out two works Scenes From The Massacre Of Chios and Greek on Miso Ron Ki Ruins, exposing the invaders atrocities, in support of the Greek people just war.


In this painting, the painter concentrated on the color strength, and used the big bold strokes. Through the contrast of light and shade and the attitude of characters, the painter treated the complex turbulent and struggling panic scenes into two levels and the prospect of future for the performance of this tragedy.

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