Representative of Nude Theme by Ingres

The Grande Odalisque 1814
The Grande Odalisque 1814

When this oil painting for sale was exhibited in Paris, it caused more attack of the audience. People said that as the student of David, Ingres had gone too far. They satirized, "Mr Ingres painted the living as the geometrician painted the solid subjects. In order to make the budget lines oil sketch sale with stereo feeling, he did everything! He put the body in various local parts like Procrustes bed captive (Procrustes, ancient Greek bandits, the legendary tied its captive in iron, such as the length of a couch is off the foot, if not the strength to make such as flexible and couch). Sometimes he felt depressed and no longer went to strengthen this accursed stereo feeling and began to make contour improvement. This was called concentrate on trifles and neglect essentials, instead of a sword to duel with scabbard."


The critics De Kailateli spoke more pertinent and told Ingres students, "His maid back at least had three vertebras." However, Ingres student Amauri Duval who once made the biography for Ingres said more positively, "He may be right, but so what? Perhaps this long waist made her so gentle and attracted the audience all of a sudden. If her body proportion was absolutely correct, it was likely not so attractive."


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