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Portrait of a Girl

After World WarⅡ, in the age that people took power of, Corneliu Baba painting was more mature and famous at home and abroad. The Republic granted him the title of People's Artist, and selected him to the academician of the Art Academy of Sciences. The Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic awarded him the title of Honorary Fellow.


He was a great colourist, the tones of his works were delicate, subtle and full of changes. His representatives included Field Rest (1964), Farmer (1958), The Steelworkers (1960) and so on.

The two former oil paintings reproducitons described the tragic life of the pre-liberation farmers, he obviously inherited the excellent of style of Crigorescu Nikolae in shaping the characters of the peasants. The points were not to represent some dramatic plots but to display the rich emotions in the depth of the farmers’ hearts. After the wars, he also devoted himself to show the strong, tough qualities and noble moralities of the farmers in his depiction of modern workers.


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