The Marriage of the Virgin 1504 by Raphael

Created the high renaissance period art, Marriage of the Virgin deserves to be called one of the greatest masterpieces. Viewers can realize the light of humanism.


This is no common gentleman down on the bended knee. Raphael brings the flowering staffs, which marks him as the chosen one and takes him from those of his rival suitors, who break Raphael painting in consternation. It is said that, the ring of Virgin Mary is the city of Perugia’s sacred relic, which has been stolen and at last retrieved in the years before to the painting of this religious painting.


The marriage is being held outside showering in the sunshine. Besides Virgin Marry and Joseph, the other people are standing by two sides respectively. The composition of the figures in the background seems distinct and meticulous.  

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The Marriage Of The Virgin 1504

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