The Background of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

In 1889, after a quarrel with Gauguin, Van Gogh's schizophrenia relapsed and he cut off his left ear. Then he wrapped it with a handkerchief and gave it to a prostitute. Later, in May 8, he voluntarily went to a mental hospital called Arles Saint Remy for treatment and had been there for 108 days. During the stay in the mental hospital, Van Gogh created a large number of paintings, totaling more than 150 oil paintings and over 100 sketches. During this stage, his works began to tend for expressionism, which were full of melancholy spirit and tragic illusion.


And Starry Night was one of the representatives. Van Gogh got the approval of his doctor to go out during the day and created this work whose description was the scenery of a mental hospital located in Saint Remy. There is a common saying that Starry Night is made by Van Gogh in the psychiatric times. People generally believe that this is the wonderful scene that Van Gogh has imagined. Some people think that, it seems to be more safe and obscure products as the apology and the expression of love. There is nothing left except cutting off his left ear. Because of his crazy behaviors, he produces the true feelings from the heart, thus he is sent to a mental hospital. But at this perid, Van Gogh has created more than 150 paintings. Does the mental patient really have the ability and the mood to focus on art creation?

The Starry Night 1889
The Starry Night 1889

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