Figures in the Bible on Famous Oil Painting

St John the Baptist was one of the famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. It was from the figures in the Bible. The painting St John the Baptist finished long before the death of da Vinci was beautiful and bright. Some people thought that St John’s archetype may be da Vinci's assistant and the manservant Chalet. St John the Baptist and Mona Lisa were both brought to the castle arranged by the king of France by da Vinci. Da Vinci always kept these two paintings until his death. The face of St John was so soft and charming that nobody could tell whether it was a man or a woman. Some people said John took male model as the prototype, and even the same sex close friend.


It is funny that, there was a discussion about Leonardo da Vinci hate the Bible.

Did Leonardo da Vinci hate the Bible?

"His first comment, in context, is about alchemists who claimed that they could change lead into gold. His second comment, in context, refers to the foolishness of what he called men's “own opinions”, “lascivious joys”, and “vain splendour”. Brown completely misrepresented Leonardo's writings to make it seem as if the great artist detested the Bible. (Richard Abanes, The Truth Behind The Da Vinci Code)"

St John The Baptist
St John The Baptist

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