One of Raphael's Famous Lyrical Style Art

This famous painting strikes the right balance between beauty and holy, affection and worship. It shows the elegant, harmony and brightness styles, so that it enables people to enjoy the feeling of clearness, pureness and nobility. In addition, The Sistine Madonna of Raphael is well received by everyone. For instance, if some women are said to be like Madonna, and it means that they are praised for their endless beauty. Until now, it is still so in England.


What is about The Sistine Madonna? The first fact to know is that the proper art-historical title of the painting is The Madonna Standing on Clouds with SS. Sixtus and Barbara. This is one of those titles that begs for reduction however, so everyone calls it the Sistine Madonna. The painting was commissioned in 1512 by Pope Julius II in honor of his late uncle, Pope Sixtus IV. Its destination was the Benedictine basilica San Sisto in Piacenza, a church with which the Rovere family had a long-standing relationship.

the sistine madonna of raphael

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